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Occupancy: 1st January - 1st January (Open all year round) = £1500.00

Annual Fees: Plus VAT, charged at 20%

Pitch Fees: Will be Invoiced in January due February

Rates: Includes water, sewage and refuse disposal and electric Meter Hire £235.00

Gas: 46LPG Refills of gas purchased through the Park Owner

Electricity: This is a metered supply and an account is rendered once a year.  + VAT charged at 5%

* Pets are welcome provided the owner is considerate towards other park residents and are responsible for any damage they do.

*  No caravans can be sold/traded or transferred without written permission from the park owner.

*  The letting of caravans on a business or profit making arrangement is strictly prohibited; anyone found doing so may have their contract terminated.

*  For security reasons please notify the park owner when family and friends are using the caravan.

Caravan: The surrounding area must be well maintained.  The undersides must be free from combustible materials.  No shed huts or decking to be erected without approval from the park owners.  All liquid gas bottles must be stored outside the caravan inside an approved shelter.

* A dry power extinguisher and a fire blanket must be within easy reach.  Please also take note of the placements of the fire extinguishers on the caravan site.

* Caravans must be an approved colour to satisfy local planning (GREEN) regulations.


The prices quoted are for the season of 2020 - 2021



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